(This form is for the employer's first free posting for a 15 day listing)

If you're a small cafe or a successful restaurant chain. Connecting with that qualifying candidate allows you the opportunity to interview determined job seekers. Qualified and experienced employees are in demand and HMU wants to provide a platform for that applicant with ambition and a commitment to go that extra mile. There is an understanding that the selective process can be a challenging one. For a limited time, employers will be offered free job postings for 15 days.  The HMU staff promises to work hard for both the employee and the employer. We hope to gain a long-term professional partnership and a reliable to go source within the restaurant employment industry. The clients privacy will always be our priority. HospitalityMeetUp.com staff will never call or email you seeking credit and/ or financial institution information. After the free trial is completed, you will have the opportunity to either discontinue your ad or be directed to a link where you can provide your financial information to continue the posted job. When you post a job you can request resume packs per the position you are hiring. HMU attempts to keep THE process simple. There are no MEMBERSHIP forms to complete or confusing resume plugins.  

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When posting a job requirement. Please ensure that all E.OE. laws are being followed .
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HMU provides an on-line application that models a typical restaurant application.

HMU can provide a character reference check that may assist you with the hiring process.  Don't be a victim after the fact. Only records of assault, theft, and sexual registry records will be offered. Civil and misdemeanor records not provided. Not hiring someone solely on a back ground check can be against the law in some states and serious penalties can be filed against you.