• What makes your job board any better than the others?

    HospitalitymeetUp.com is sincere by what it states. One on one consulting. Managed by real people. When you post your resume, we will know.  We are strictly restaurant employment. Customer service is a priority. There is nothing bad to mention about other job boards. Whether an employee or employer. You will receive individual attention instead of being a number.

  • Is HospitalityMeetUp.com strictly about restaurant employment?

    Yes ,We are dedicated to restaurant employment only. We have partner with Indeed.com and you can search any thing in the search engine, but we are strictly restaurant employment. That’s because that’s all we know.

  • Why doesn't my resume post immediately?

    Real people have to review the resume to ensure that a quality resume and malicious links are not coded into the site. For the most part 99.9% people are honest. There is that 1%. Your resume or Job ad is handled by real people and not bots.

  • Is there a fee to post a resume?

    It does not cost anything to post a resume. Makes no sense to charge someone that needs a job, or is trying to raise their standards.

  • Is there a fee for an employer to post an ad?

    Presently it does not cost anything to post an ad.

  • How long does my resume or employer ad last?

    It last as long as it takes to get the position applied for

    or the position filled. You tell us when you want the ad removed.

  • Who is HospitalityMeetUp.com?

    HospitalityMeetUp.com is managed by real people that have or are presently employed in the restaurant business. Understanding the entire industry from back to front.

  • Why can't I upload my resume with a file loader ?

    Using a file upload prevents us from knowing who you are and what you want. We review files to ensure that there are no malicious files uploaded.

  • Why do you have No Kid Hungry on your site?

    Knowing that there are children that goes hungry doesn't sit well. Simply letting visitors to HospitalityMeetUp.com know there is such an organization gets the word out.

  • Why do you have Wounded Warriors Project on your site?

    The creator of HospitalityMeetUp.com is a veteran of the military forces. Having to deal with the challenges of securing a position in the civilian work force when departing the Army. We stand by our service members and their families for their contribution.

  • What will the workshops consist of?

    Workshops would discuss familiarization about the industry for those that don't have experience. Utilizing people from the different areas of the industry to inform you of the possibilities. 

  • Why do you collect personal information when posting a resume or posting a job offer if there is no fee? 

         HospitalityMeetUp.com is registered as a legitimate online business. The internal revenue service requires up to date records even          if there are no fees at the time. HospitalityMeetUp.com is registered with the federal/ state of Northern Virginia. Your                        information is guarded and treated with extreme privacy. Your information will never be sold to any 3rd parties.

  • What makes your site better than craigslist?

         HospitalityMeetUp.com is not trying to reinvent the wheel. We are simply making the process easier.  We are also dedicated to            the job seeker and the employer. Craigslist is more than employment. Do you think Craig Newmark knows or cares who you              are? When you post your resume with HospitalityMeetUp.com. You wont have to be concerned  about spam or your security.